Commissioned Portraiture

"As an artist, I have always been able to see the beauty in everything around me, and people are no exception. When I create a portrait collection for you, I seek to capture more than simply your physical beauty. I am able to look beyond the body and capture the deeper aspects of you - your strength, your wisdom, your inner beauty, and your pure elemental being. Stunning works of art with you at the centre to provide daily inspiration, connecting you with aspects of your feminine nature and helping you expand into the woman you were born to be. This is my heart’s desire and I love to taking this journey with you."

A commissioned portrait session is a one of a kind experience that can be profoundly transformational and supportive to your dreams and direction in life. A unique opportunity to celebrate your inner Goddess in a series of portraits capturing the essence of who you are.

Goddess portraits are the result of an intimate and powerful artistic process of co-creation between Samjhana and the person she is photographing.  Long before you see the camera, she will spend time getting to know you, learning about your limitations of the now and listening to your dreams for the future. You will discuss and plan your photo session in advance so that on the day of your session you can fully enter the creative space and energetic flow.


Samjhana will open the day of your portrait experience with ceremony and find a nurturing natural setting where you can relax into a fun, creative, and adventurous experience. Rather than formally posing you, she will bring awareness to your senses and draw your attention to the elements around you. Here you will find your connection (to yourself, to nature, to the universe). Samjhana will capture these beautiful moments of connectivity through her lens, creating portraits which reflect the essence of your heart and soul.


"In previous generations, portraits were revered as a way of capturing our image for posterity. We live in an age of cameras and mobile phones where our image is recorded many, many times in our lives, but our true essence rarely so. I will work with you to capture the true essence of who you are on an intuitive journey using the medium of fine art photography."