Commissioned Portraiture

A commissioned portrait session with Samjhana Moon is a one-of-a-kind experience that can be profoundly healing and supportive to your dreams and direction in life. A creative journey to ‘feel’ beautiful and get in touch with the depths of your feminine nature. To see yourself as you may never have seen yourself before and experience your essence through the soulful, loving eyes of an artist. Read more or

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Wellbeing retreats to connect deeply with your feminine power and enhance your holistic lifestyle. 


A creative PR portfolio of powerful images that encapsulate your passion in business.



An empowering journey of self-discovery to reconnect with your femininity and remember who you are.


Create a unique memento and heirloom of one of the most sacred times in a woman’s life.


Celebrate your love for each other in an intimate collection of portraits you will treasure always.




Find your Feminine Flow

We women are cyclic, we are just like the weather. By understanding your inner seasons and where you are in your cycle you can begin to live a more balanced life, feel empowered and stand strong in your feminine power.



Fine Art Travel Photography

Samjhana offers a selection of her most inspirational moments from her adventures around the world to purchase as fine art prints. Each image is beautifully presented on high quality canvas or traditional archival prints to bring nature's magic into your home or work space.

“My life has been blessed with adventures to far off lands, always with a camera in hand. Driven by a desire to experience wilderness, I have travelled to some of the remotest and most beautiful parts of the world. Many of these scenes brought tears of joy and miracles into my life. The path I walked and the people I journeyed with awakened my child-like mind and helped me to believe in magic again. It fills my heart with love to share these images with you.”

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"Hello beautiful soul, I'm Samjhana Moon and I'm passionate about empowering women by redefining 'beauty' and ‘femininity’. There are few moments in my life more precious than when a woman looks at her image in my camera and says, "WOW… is that really me?

My photographic art honours and celebrates women of all ages, all sizes and all cultures with the intention of freeing us from limited perceptions of what it is to be beautiful. All scenes are real locations in nature where women enjoy the space and re-connect with their true self. Images are artistcally enhanced in photoshop but never manipulated to alter the body shape. I believe all women are beautiful... just the way they are."



Samjhana's TED Talk - Oct 2015

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"Absolutely stunning, beautiful, inspiring, wise. Samjhana Moon narrates this delightful slideshow with her lovely voice. And shares such gentle, powerful wisdom. Not to mention the incredible images that she has taken. A gorgeous and nourishing piece of art! Thank you dear Samjhana xx" Maggie Kay