Goddess Entrepreneur photo shoot

Entrepreneur portraits by Samjhana Moon

In an increasingly visual world, it is essential to shine your message into the marketplace with a creative portfolio of vibrant imagery. For heart-centred entrepreneurs, the opportunity to show who you are and what you stand for through Samjhana's visionary process is an empowering experience that will help your business bloom!

Samjhana offers a range of packages to suit most budgets:

Studio Days in London - 4 times a year, great for headshots and profile updates.

VIP days and Retreats in Devon for the ultimate photography experience.

Working with Samjhana is a complete process. The first focus on your core values and the essence of your brand message. She will help you identify which key aspects of your personality you need to convey in your portrait and the role in which you would like your audience to 'see' you. Next you explore bringing in aspects of nature, choosing elements which resonate with you and selecting relevant locations with appropriate backgrounds. This powerful combination of nature and nurture emits a deeper, stronger message to your audience that's authentic to you and resonates with your brand or service.

Janey Lee Grace by Samjhana Moon



"I had the most brilliant time working with Samjhana, she gets to the heart of who you really are and brings out the ‘natural you’ – albeit looking as fabulous as possible!" 

Janey Lee Grace - Champion of Holistic Therapies



Even if you are normally uncomfortable being photographed, Samjhana's warm, playful nature will guide you and help you to relax into the experience. Your vibrant portraits will encapsulate your passion as well as your professionalism in business and will naturally attract your ideal clients.

The Goddess Entrepreneur photo-shoot will increase your visibility and your confidence, leaving you with a series of professional portraits to use in all of your business communications (and you don’t have to be a woman to sign up for this session).

Where to start?

If you are interested in exploring how Samjhana can help you and your business then contact her directly to arrange your complimentary discovery session.

She is normally booked up 6-8 weeks in advance and due to her preparation methods the minimum lead time would be 2-3 weeks.






"I love helping people to step up and shine on camera, hearing you say "wow I never knew I could look that good" is such a joy to me. My portrait sessions are creative and fun even for those who are nervous in front of the camera. I'm very focused on how I can best support you and your message to create authentic portraits that clearly communicate your true essence and core values that are an essential part of your brand."

Samjhana Moon

Samjhana has co-created stunning portfolios with some of the biggest names in personal development, spiritual awakening and conscious entrepreneurs. Including Janey Lee-Grace, Lynne Franks, Rachel Elnaugh, Penny Power, Judy Rees, Jayne Morris, Shirley Palmer, Sara Ellis, Davina MacKail.



"I had the most brilliant time working with Samjhana, she gets to the heart of who you really are and brings out the ‘natural you’ – albeit looking as fabulous as possible!"
Janey Lee Grace - Champion of Holistic Therapies

"I love my portraits which have helped me to develop my own personal brand. I recommend Samjhana if you are looking for someone to take amazing portraits that really capture your true energy."
Rachel Elnaugh – Entrepreneur and BBC TV Dragon


"I have always been impressed by Samjhana's creativity when working one to one in both studio and outside environments. She has an amazing ability to capture the energy of unique events. Whether you are looking for a gifted photographer to bring out the essence of your personality in a profile shoot or to create an album of images taken of you in action in front of an audience, Samjhana will exceed your expectations."
Jayne Morris - Burnout to Brilliance Coach and Speaker

"I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with Samjhana, experiencing her very creative photography and the exceptional way that she finds interesting and relevant themes. It is clear that Samjhana loves what she does, her enthusiasm and enjoyment shone through and it was a pleasure working with her on location and seeing her results so quickly."
Penny Power – Author, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker  

"Do you hate having your picture taken? That used to be me, too! I used to think I had a 'great face for radio' but modern business on the internet doesn't allow for shrinking violets.
Samjhana not only managed to persuade me to step in front of the camera - but actually made me look good! And it was even fun."
Judy Rees – Inspirational Coach and Mentor

"Aside from expressing an in-depth level of expertise in her craft, Samjhana's warm, genuine nature made me feel completely at ease. The results speak for themselves, the feedback of my headshot has been phenomenal"
Ronke Lawal - Chief Executive, Islington Chamber of Commerce