Hello beautiful soul...

It’s time to see yourself from a fresh perspective!

However you see yourself in this moment, you are far more beautiful than you see in the mirror, truly you are. Your natural beauty shines brightest when you are just being you. When you are enjoying a moment and admiring the beauty around you and your inner radiance shines through. 

How amazing would it be to see yourself through the soulful eyes of an artist, relaxed in nature, and free from the stresses of daily life? To see that you are perfectly imperfect and beautiful just the way you are? This is my promise to you as you as your visionary photographer. However, that’s not all. 

I'll create your unique experience in nature, where you'll feel held energetically so you can fully express yourself as a woman. Nature helps you reconnect to this deep inner part of yourself and from this space you'll to connect with your feminine magic and discover the wonderful woman that you are.


"I still remember that breathtaking moment in the woods, when Samjhana showed me my first photograph on her camera. Words cannot describe the joy and the revelation of seeing AND really feeling my unique beauty for the first time ever in my life, me in all my aging glory.

Samjhana has a lovely way of helping you feel secure and her passion for her work and her clients is infectious. She gently peals back the layers into your unique soul and reflects it back to you in photographs and kind words.

I am so glad I invested in this journey, as my precious moments are captured forever, in beautiful artworks. This was exactly the experience I wanted to celebrate the start of a new and exciting phase in my life. Thank you Samjhana x"  Lisa


Can a few days really change how I see myself?

This is a photo-shoot like no other. It’s a guided creative journey of self-expression that’s all about you seeing, experiencing and stepping into the fullness of your womanly power. A ceremonial photo-session at a stunning location that will help you see yourself as you’ve never seen yourself before, as the radiant Goddess that you truly are. I’ll capture your soulful essence and unique beauty in a series of digital portraits and fine art portraits for you to treasure always. Beautiful works of art that boost your confidence daily, to inspire positive direction and connect you to your feminine power.

Many women chose to work with me to create a portfolio of imagery for their business website and marketing. Some women  book a Goddess Portraiture experience or one-to-one retreat as a way of commemorating a special birthday or achievement, or simply because it's time to shine.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your inner Goddess, I'll work with you to create stunning portraits that capture the essence of who you truly are. Beautiful works of art to display in your home that boost your confidence daily, to inspire positive direction and connect you to your feminine power.

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If you feel there is ‘more’ woman inside you than you are currently expressing, I invite you to join me on this inspirational journey to discover who YOU truly are. It will be an amazing experience for us both, I promise.

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Find your Feminine Flow

We women are cyclic, we are just like the weather. By understanding your inner seasons and where you are in your cycle you can begin to live a more balanced life, feel empowered and stand strong in your feminine power.


"Hello beautiful soul, I'm Samjhana Moon and I'm passionate about empowering women by redefining 'beauty' and ‘femininity’. There are few moments in my life more precious than when a woman looks at her image in my camera and says, "WOW… is that really me?

My photographic art honours and celebrates women of all ages, all sizes and all cultures with the intention of freeing us from limited perceptions of what it is to be beautiful. All scenes are real locations in nature where women enjoy the space and re-connect with their true self. Images are artistcally enhanced in photoshop but never manipulated to alter the body shape. I believe all women are beautiful... just the way they are."



Samjhana's TED Talk - Oct 2015

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"Absolutely stunning, beautiful, inspiring, wise. Samjhana Moon narrates this delightful slideshow with her lovely voice. And shares such gentle, powerful wisdom. Not to mention the incredible images that she has taken. A gorgeous and nourishing piece of art! Thank you dear Samjhana xx" Maggie Kay

by Samjhana Moon

Fine art prints and canvas available from Samjhana's adventures around the world.

View the Earth Walk portfolio here.

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